4 Signs You Are DESTINED To Be A Rapper

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4 Signs You Are DESTINED To Be A Rapper

1) You absolutely LOVE working on music in some way shape or form.

This also means you work on music as if it’s not even work. You write songs all day long and you are writing anytime you get a chance

2) You have been writing in some way shape or form since you were young. Short stories, poetry, rhymes etc.

3) You declare you are a rapper to everyone even before you had any songs released While I dont consider you truly a rapper until you release songs, I’d say this type of confidence constitutes that you are really meant to be a rapper. I fucking love this energy. You’ll be recording and releasing songs in no time with this attitude.

4) You know every rapper that has been relevant since the early days of hip hop and you can recite their lyrics… that makes you a hip hop head and probably means you have more passion for hip hop than most people


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